Bedroom Update: The Joy Continues

***NOTE: This post was written and ready to go Monday morning.  It is being posted a day late due to extra unforeseen chaos in our household yesterday morning.  I will let you in on that story tonight.


As you know, my husband has been working on new twin beds for our boys.

Of course, in my world, when one project gets started, it just leads to another and another and another. With the new beds, I decided that we really needed to paint the room as well, which called for repair of the wainscoting, which called for changing out the light switch and outlets, and which now calls for new bedding and decor. It’s a never ending cycle.

But it’s okay, that is my happy place…the world of DIY. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time.

And since I spent nearly my entire weekend painting, I don’t have much for you today. Except a peek into our lives.  This is what happens when a carpenter and painting fanatic collide. (You should see the list of Pinterest projects I have lined up for my husband.)

colby raw bedColby loves his new bed. This was taken Friday afternoon before the marathon painting began.







Saturday, after a t-ball game and playing at the park, we got to work.

paint color before

Walking down memory lane as we paint over the original colors in the room of our first little boy.







We finished painting around 2 in the morning.

braden paint color afterThis is the next morning.  Braden seems to like it. (I told you our sleep schedules have been off for nearly two months. We painted the wall the same color as our bedroom. Maybe it will trick the boys into thinking they are sleeping with us, and they will stay in their own beds all night long. One can hope.)






Here is where we stand now.

two beds afterWalls and beds are painted.






Hopefully, this week we can get the bedroom back in order and begin a new (more successful) sleeping routine.

Our first SodieDooDotch Challenge is coming on Thursday! Be sure to check back then!

An Opportunity for Joy

My boys have not slept through the night in weeks.

It started with a virus back at the end of February.  Two weeks worth of doctor visits, medicine, and sleeping with momma got everybody’s routine out of whack, and it seems that we just can’t get it together again. On top of that Braden, my two-year-old, has decided that his crib is NOT the place to be; he’s much too old for that sort of thing now.  In other words, nighttime is filled with a lot of tears and not so much sleep.

But this is not meant to be a pity party. (Not this time at least.  I’ll save that for another day.)

What I really want to tell you about is this.

headboard, an opportunity for joy

That, my friends, is a new headboard.

With our current lack of bedtime routine coupled with Braden’s refusal to sleep in his crib, we decided that now was as good a time as any to transition these boys to sharing a room.

My handsome handyman hubby is performing a labor of love.  (That’s hard work with sleep deprivation, you know.)  Our boys will each get their own twin bed made by their daddy.  How awesome is that? Something they can keep forever.  Something their own children can sleep in one day.

The only thing better than receiving a gift like this from your dad is getting to be a part of the process and working on it together.

No, the toddlers are not manning the power tools.  But they are watching.  And learning.  And playing.

They get to be around their daddy when he is in his element.  They get to see what he is good at, what brings him joy.  And they get to be a part of that.  This is the best way to learn.

toddler handyman, an opportunity for joy

Colby was able to tinker around with his own little set of tools. He got to spent time outside enjoying the sunshine.  And he watched as his new bed took shape.







Braden even ran outside to join in on the fun.


toddler handyman, an opportunity for joy

Don’t worry.  I paused long enough to snap a picture of this irresistible cuteness and then took the barefoot boy back into the house to get him properly dressed for such activities.







As you can see, not only is our bedtime routine out of whack, our house itself is in a state of disarray.  And it will probably remain that way until this project is through.  (This is the point where I remind myself of that priority list that I made a while back to help myself with balance.)  But as soon as those beds are in place, we will begin working on a new bedtime routine.

This is a phase; we will sleep through the night again at some point.  For now, we are choosing to see the joy in this phase.  A disruption in routine resulted in an opportunity.  An opportunity to create, inspire, nurture curiosity…and simply be together.

Even when our children are young, we can involve them in our activities.  They probably won’t last the entirety of the project.  In fact, they may only last a few minutes.  But it’s including them that is important.  Allow your children to be a part of it.  They will learn so much.

What are some of your daily routines, as well as your passions/hobbies, that you could have your children be a part of?

Note: I apologize for the late Thursday post.  As you can tell, we are a little discombobulated right now.  I will keep you updated on our journey towards a shared bedroom….and the progress of the twin beds.